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The Best Foods for Fall

fallveggiesIn case you hadn’t noticed or felt it, energy is moving inward and downward.


Autumn is the time of the metal element and now is an opportune time to create balance and harmony within that element.


Check out some of the correspondences with Metal Element.

Organs: Lungs + Large Intestine
Flavor: spicy/pungent,
Color: White
Emotion: grief/sadness
Direction: West
Tissue: skin
Function: immunity

There are a number of ways our immune system becomes suppressed, the colon inflamed and skin irritated.

Causes of lung and colon issues:

  • unresolved grief
  • sedentary lifestyle (not enough activity = poor respiration + elimination
  • poor diet: dairy causes mucous, overeating, prescription drugs, cigarettes, processed foods
  •  unhealthy attachments to people and things.

Because metal energy is associated with grief and the lungs/large intestines, repressed grief weakens lung health and colon health. These two organs are critical to our immunity.

Grief that is expressed and resolved strengthens the internal basis for health, but repressed grief causes longterm contraction of the lungs. Longterm contraction of the lungs may cause congestion.

Anyone with lung and or colon problems, regardless of the source, has unresolved sadness that needs to be cleared.

Grief has a contracting quality: it encourages us to look within, to identify unresolved sorrows, and to transform them through mindfulness.

When we bury or repress sadness, we don’t have the opportunity to process the feeling, use the experience for spiritual development and personal growth.

This causes congestion and turbidity of the emotions in the lungs and large intestines.

There are a number of ways to clear turbid emotions, a few examples are through meditation, breathing, acupuncture, herbs and pungent foods.

Optimizing the Immune System.

If you have well moistened mucous membranes, healthy vital skin, you are ready to ward off viruses and bacteria.

If you have either dry mucous membranes, or excessive phlegm: sinus problems, nasal congestion, lung and bronchial conditions, frequent colds, these all indicate lung imbalances.

Sour Foods  

Autumn is a time to thicken the blood. Sour foods will assist the body in contracting

Lacto-femernted foods are best! Kefir, sourdough, sauerkraut, pickles, olives, apple cider vinegar, yoghurt, citrus fruits, sour apples. Be careful with very sour foods, a small amount goes a long way.

White foods

The color of metal is white. Fruits and vegetables which have white flesh will benefit any lung or large intestine condition.

apples, pears, barley, mushrooms, almonds, pine nuts, peanuts, sesame, honey, and seasoning with salt.

Pungent foods

These help to disperse stuck, phlegmy, congested energy of the LU/LI. Use these foods to support the immune system as well as to resolve chest and head cold symptoms.

chili peppers, onions, garlic, turnips, ginger, horseradish, cabbage, radish best to consume these raw


We know fiber reduces the incidence of some cancers by more than 60%. It also encourages healthy bacterial growth in the gut which helps assimilation of nutrients and cancer resistant bowel acids. The case for eating whole foods cannot be overstated!

Addressing dryness of mucus membranes, lungs and skin

This is the time when dryness is exacerbated: usually the lungs and the skin will show signs:
thirst, dry skin, nose, lips, throat and itchiness. The large intestine manifests dryness usually in the form of hard stools and constipation.

Mucilaginous foods

These foods will help moisten and lubricate mucus membranes, skin, the lungs, and large intestine. They will also help moisten nasal passages as the air becomes more dry, thirst, dry skin, lips, throat and itchiness.

gelatin (make bone broth or buy gelatin sourced from grass-fed animals) Chia seed, seaweeds, flaxseed, and fenugreek

Dark green and golden orange veggies

They are shown to protect the mucous membranes of the body (these foods are high in beta carotene):

carrots, winter squash, pumpkin, broccoli, parsley, kale, collards, mustard greens,


Most people are grossly misinformed about fats in their diet.  Fats make up the wall of every cell in your body and are the basis for every hormone.  Please consider increasing your consumption of a variety of fats if you have been avoiding them.

choose high quality animal fats from grass fed animals, marrow, butter, coconut oil, fermented cod liver oil ******{take caution consuming high fat foods when there is a lot of thick, yellow mucus}

I would love to hear if you struggle with immunity, skin, lung and large intestine issues what your big takeaway is from this! Please share in the comments below.